The Horns Pub

We’re a set of pub restaurants situated from the northwest of England and North Wales, however through popular demand as well as the guidance of an atoz we’ve ventured further afield and in addition have a substantial branch in the family at the South.

Each pub has its own own flavour and style, but you’ll find adequate cask beers, freshly cooked meals, decent and inexpensive wine and also a wonderful full bowl of malt whiskies all through. We love to think we run casual places for the ones that would rather match, drink, eat and then revel at an intimate friendly atmosphere.
Curl up with a spoonful of well-cared-for actual ale, a glass of wine or any soft when you like the surroundings by our fine outside seating space. Or come inside to a comfy atmosphere and restaurant-style support. From amazing British classics performed by some flair to tender rotisserie chicken succulently slow-roasted in your oven, there’s sure to be some thing to lure. Our younger guests can love our youngsters’ menu, that can soon be packaged with vibrant and favorites rotisserie dishes. And everyone will swoon inside our desserts!

With a concentration on succulent Farm-assured poultry, flame-roasted to moist and tender perfection, our food was served restaurant style in casual pub atmosphere. Our rotisserie meat was complemented with initial and intriguing sides along with traditional accompaniments and can be awarded together side a carefully-selected everyday menu of icons that were British.

With many years of expertise in catering and traditional bar food, our Chefs maintain a diverse variety of quality meals, utilizing the best components out of local providers.

Ergo, in the event that you should be looking for a fantastic spot to eat that serves great food at a comfortable and agreeable setting we then look ahead to seeing you at The Horns Pub.